Car club visits

Alvis car club visit to Kirstead Hall Kirstead Hall is beautifully suited to car clubs looking for a location for meetings with a photogenic background that shows off the cars to great advantage, accompanied by mouth watering refreshments.

In July 2018, the 1066 Car Club came to Kirstead Hall. The 1066 classic car club has a mix of differing makes of vehicles including Mercedes Jaguar, MG and Volkswagon.

In August 2016, the Naylor car club came to visit us.  The Naylor car was produced in the 1980s and only about 100 ever built  costing about £13,500.  Changes were made so the doors were forward hung to comply with current car building regulations.  The group were passionate and enthusiastic about their cars.  They were also very interested in leather restoration because of their car seats.

In 2011, the Alvis car club came to Kirstead Hall for their AGM. The occasion tailored to suit the club’s needs and included a tour.   There were refreshments on arrival followed by a tour of the Hall. The Alvis car club used their preferred caterers to provide lunch.

After lunch members wandered through the house at their leisure.  This was followed by the AGM. Those who did not wish to attend sat and talked in other parts of the house after which tea was provided by hosts Judy and Dermot Murphy.

The owners drove their cars on to the front lawn which were photographed with the house in the background.

Chairman of the Alvis car club Steve Horne said that making an event of the AGM ensured it was well attended and the day was a huge success for everyone.

Steve Horne: “Probably the best Invitation to View visit we have encountered, with your warmth of reception and enthusiasm for the Hall and its safe keeping. Despite the superb array of antiques and family connections, Kirstead is not a museum but still a family home.”