2020 dates for guided tours

kirstead hall guided tours Tours begin at 2.30pm on the following dates in 2020.  Please allow yourselves plenty of time to arrive. 

Saturday 28th May 20th at 2.30 pm.

Tuesday 16th June at 2.30 pm.

Thursday 23 July at 2.30 pm.

Wednesday 5th August at 2.30 pm.

Sunday 6th September at 2.30 pm

To visit the house on one of the days above, please book through the Historic Houses Association.

If you would like to bring your own group to visit Kirstead Hall, Dermot and Judy would be very happy to arrange a day and time to suit you. You can contact us directly here or book through the Historic Houses Association.

Read about tours here in EDP – A personal invitation into the most desirable family homes, an article from the EDP.

Guided tours