Before & after - Regency writing table

Before restoration After restoration The table is a Regency writing table, which was completely repaired and restored.  The design for the legs was researched and there are many variations of this model with the identical leg mounts, brass inlay, and brass casters.The finished table shows the leather top and spandrels.  The brass moulding on the top edge has been re-gilded as have the mask, mounts on the corners and legs.   The drawer fronts are of brass and rosewood which is called contre boulle.  (If you can imagine rosewood where the brass is on the drawer fronts it would be boulle, though this work is generally known as boulle.)

The brass leafwork on the tops of the legs have been first made in wood and then cast in brass, chased (carved after to finish and detail them).  The same thing with the mounts on the turned columns.  The panel in the end (not really visible) is brass and has been engraved.

The table had been in the rain so had to be refinished.