Fine late 17th century sloped sided camphor wood sea chest with magnificent original rope handles

Closing bearers at each end ensure a close fitting lid and helped keep out the elements. It is rare to have the combination of original rope handles, cleats together with remnants of the dark sail cloth attached and apotropeic marks on a trunk of this age.

Carved lozenges decorate the cleat angles at both ends of this camphor wood chest. (aportropeic marks, evil averting, and protection from misfortune) were made with a compass on both cleats. (ie the hexagon motif, daisy wheel) Naive and charming cats tooth detailing embellish the cleats. The top has tallow burns near the hinges and lock and the front as well.

There are tallow burns on the beams in our early house, research suggests their purpose was to ward off evil spirits. (see image of our house timbers)

The interior candle boxes originally had lids. This campaign chest would have been varnished several times over its life and traces of it remain. Exposure to the elements, scars commensurate with age, this “antique folk art chest” is full of character, and of warm mellow colour.

The front of the chest originally had a closing strip above the escutcheon.

Late 17th to early 18th century 1675 -1725

Length 37.75 inches 96 cms

Width 16.5 inches 42 cms

Height 16.5 inches 42cms


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